Operation Burbage

1 Day Team Building Mission

The day begins by solving initiative tasks, and analysing the team’s effectiveness. The challenge is then presented. The team’s tasks begin.

Does the team split – or do they stay together?

They must cover the surrounding area, collect instructions and return to the team.

Who goes? Who stays? Who has the experience? Who is the leader?

The challenge has to be put together within a time limit, or the team is heavily penalised.

A test of skill, determination, communication, patience and team awareness.

Rewards for positive outcomes.

We had a wonderful stay at Parson house for a stag do (15 people). Debbie was brilliant and readily available for any questions we had, she also had a minibus to take us into the centre of Sheffield in the evening for a small price. There was a football table and table tennis and a huge amount of space in the property to use and enjoy. The Foxhouse Inn just down the road was a great place to enjoy Sunday lunch. Great weekend overall and I would definitely stay here again.

Nathaniel Scott